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28 August 14
130 Truck Stop, Truck Stops Cinnaminson NJ

As you know, users want something new day by day. So here we launched a new Truck stop service and also named is 130 truck stop services. We provide best fuel service in the US. Moreover, we have some additional luxuries for you at the truck stop. So, firstly you have to the all details about our truck stop. Scroll down and see the related details below.


Although there are many fuel service are available in, we are the best. When you get all about us, you will definitely satisfy with us. We are offering you the best fuel service including multiple types of fuels. In addition, we deliver the quality fuel to our users.

Truck stop motive:

Our motive is only to deliver best fuel service to our user with all satisfaction.

  • Quality fuel:

Truck stop service provides you the world best quality fuel. You can get these at the lowest prices. If you want to make your day good, choose our services.

  • We are doing best for you:

As we describe above, now we will discuss our work. We always try to offer you best service and also we are successful in that. We are tried to invent more ideas that will help you to make your trust. Moreover, we have the best start that provides the best advice for your convince.

  • Save your time as well as money:

If you will go to another fuel service, they don’t have service as compare to us. Our service will help you to save your time as well as money. So, if you are one of them those wants to save their money as well as time, you have to come at here.

Now you can check out the truck stop service:

Truck stop service:

Here we are going to show you our service. You have to read below for full information;

  • Conoco Quality fuel:

We are providing Conoco quality fuel that is best in fuel. Conoco Quality fuel will help you to make your engine’s life log. Moreover, it removes all the harmful factors from your engine.

Most of the users face issues during the payment. So, we have the best solution for you. Here we accept all the cards for your comforts. You can see the cards list below.

  • Fuel card
  • Comdata Fuel card
  • EFS fuel card
  • Fleet one fuel card
  • T-Check fuel card

So these are all card that w accept. These cards will help you to control driver activity as well as save your time.

  • Food service:

Generally, no other services provide you the food service. But we have also a special food service only for you. If you are on a long trip, take a break with our food service at truck stop. We offering you’re the fresh meals with different combos.

  • Snacks store:

In snacks store, we have different chicken snacks for all day. Moreover we also have candy store. Simply take from here as you want. Make your break special with our services.

So these are all about our truck stop service. Hope you are satisfied with us. If you have any query please contact us now. We are happy to help you.