Fresh Food & Candy

28 August 14
Fresh Food & Candy, Krispy Krunchy chicken at 130 Truck Stop Cinnaminson NJ

Fresh Food and Candy

Although is easy to find truck stop service, not with food service. We are offering you a best truck stop location including fresh food as well as candy. Now we are going to tell you the reason behind this. Think for a minute, if you will get everything one place. How is it? According to our perception, it would be good. So, you can see our thoughts below;

  • Try to something new as well as different
  • We have something for everyone
  • We servers better that make not only satisfied but amazing
  • We want to full fill all your needs
  • You are our responsibility at truck stop

Krispy Chicken makes your day relax:

Chicken is one of the foods that everyone wants to have their food. Firstly, we are going to tell you about the chicken verities. So, let’s start to introduce. We are offering you a verity of goodness, happiness, maintained service and flavored quality. In addition, you can maintain your daily diet plan only with our Krispy Krunchy Chicken service. Our food menu is waiting for you to serve the best Krispy Krunchy Chicken verities. We have multiple verities in Krispy Krunchy Chicken. From here, you can check out your menu first.

Chicken Menu:

  • Krispy Chicken
  • Chicken Combo

Krispy Chicken:

Our Krispy Chicken will make your day fresh and responding. So, you have to take your Krispy Chicken snakes and enjoy it with your close one over here.

Krisply chicken sandwich:

Like sandwich? Of course, so we are going to offer you as the special sandwich that is krisply chicken sandwich. Once you reach the truck stop, firstly you have to try this one. There are also multiple verities in the chicken sandwich. So, you have to come at truck stop first.

Family Platters for whole family:

We have two options for you in family platter only for you and your family. Chicken and tenders platter including 12 chicken pieces, 6 biscuits, 6 Cajun tenders and you can take family fries. And another one is; the family tender platter that includes 12 Cajun tenders, 6 biscuits and family fries. So, go for it and choose your own platter.

Chicken Combo for more hunger:

Most of the people want to choose a combo. That is the reason that we are also providing the Chicken Combo. Simply take it and share it with your friends. Or you can enjoy it individually as well. So, we are providing maximum 4 piece chicken including our chicken drink such as dark or mix. In addition, you can take white chicken, choice of side or your drink as well.

Apart from these, we have one more for you. We also have a candy shop for your loving children. Although this is generally taken by kids, you can also enjoy it.

Candy Shop:

Besides these food combos, we also have a candy store for you. If you are a crazy fan of candies, nothing is better than this. Moreover, we are providing the huge number of verities of candes. You can choose anyone whatever you want to. And make your day as well as kids day happy with our candy store.