Fresh Food for You all day long

Food is one o the necessary things which every human want to full fill. And if you are on a trip then it would create some precious memories for you. Plan a break at truck stop service and make your day happy as well as special with your family, friends or other close one. Enjoy Chicken Combos, Cajun Tenders. Krispy Chicken Sandwich, Buffalo Wings, Family Platters and more

Don’t have too much time to plan a trip for you vacations? You will have multiple options with our truck stop service. Take a small break with our food service and also take care or your health. Suppose, you are travelling on an unplanned trip and you don’t have time to pack your food and other thing. In that situation, you can take your meal as well as snacks with truck stop. Here, we have some suggestions for you.

Plan a surprise trip with truck stop

No any idea could be better than this amazing idea. You can plan a special trip with surprise lunch party as well snacks with our truck stop services. So, without any wait plan a trip for your close one and give an amazing surprise through this trip.

No need to carry food for a trip

Stuck with multiple ideas and confused? Don’t worry about food and plan a trip with a free mind. Now, 130 truck stop service providing the special food as well as all evening snacks. You can take anything which you want to eat from the truck stop’s food section. Here, we are providing everything related to your need. Just try our services and give your suggestions

Truck Stops in Cinnaminson New Jersey
krispy krunchy chicken in Cinnaminson NJ


If you love Krispy dishes then you have to go for it. You should take your loving Krispy Chicken snakes from us and enjoy it with your close one. Here, we will provide you the best quality of Krispy Chicken.


Well, generally people want to take a combo. So we are also providing the Chicken Combo. Just take it and share it with your friends. Or you can enjoy it individually as well. So, we are providing maximum 4 piece chicken including our chicken drink such as dark or mix. In addition, you can take white chicken, choice of side or your drink as well.
krispy krunchy CHICKEN COMBOS in Cinnaminson
CAJUN TENDERS, krispy krunchy chicken in Cinnaminson


CAJUN TENDERS is one of our special ones. These are amazing according to feedback. So, just try it and enjoy a grand truck stop part with your family or friends.


This is one the best item that you can take in your snacks time or include it your favorite fast food. When you reached the truck stop, firstly you have to try this one. There are also multiple verities in the chicken sandwich. So, you have to come at truck stop first.
BUFFALO WINGS, krispy krunchy chicken


Our wings are always fried to perfection and come tossed in your choice of Krispy, Traditional, Sweet & Sour sauces. Wings are available in 5, 10, 20, or 40 piece option.


FAMILY PLATTER is also the imperative part that should be included in every food menu. So, we also are offering you to take our Family platter. There are two options in family platter only for you and your family. First one is; Chicken and tenders platter including 12 chicken pieces, 6 biscuits, 6 Cajun tenders and you can take family fries as well. Now the second one is; the family tender platter that includes 12 Cajun tenders, 6 biscuits and family fries. Now the time is to choose your family platter.
FAMILY PLATTERS, krispy krunchy chicken